MN RSD Coalition

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All donations are appreciated


Because we have decided to let our 501(c)(3) status go, your donations will NOT be tax deductible.


We will have an updated accounting page that lets you know where the donations go, as well as what has been donated. Donors and amounts donated will not be published.

 It is very expensive to maintain the web site, purchase office supplies, etc. and so far it has come from our personal finances. We would appreciate any help you can give us. Everything we purchase for the organization is absolutely necessary and we shop for the lowest possible prices. Larger dollar amount items are purchased and owned privately (computers, printers, labels, etc.)

We encourage you to direct where you would like your donation to be used by using the "Contact Us" form to the right. If you would prefer not, it will go towards area(s) most in need.

Some of the areas may be:

  • Web site 
  • Basic office supplies (paper, ink, etc.)
  • Awareness Merchandise (items we can sell to promote awareness and generate some revenue to help support our cause)
  • Member assistance: emergency loans or gifts for medications, food, gasoline, etc. Please know we will refer to local organizations first. An application for assistance must be filled out prior to consideration. The recipients will be determined by 5 members of senior management collectively. 
  • Support Group needs (generally donated by attendees)
  • Other: Any area you would like

If you are unable to donate cash at this time, please consider a donation of your time, office supplies, skills, specialty item for auction, etc. It is all equally important and appreciated.  


 Thank you for your generosity. We understand how difficult times are and we appreciate your donation.