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April 18, 2017:  An update from Bonnie...

                           April 18, 2017

To all the members of the MN RSD Coalition,

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful outpouring of condolences and support after the loss of my husband and daughter in January. Clearly it was a shock and losing my daughter the day of my husband's funeral was too much.

​It is taking some time to regroup on my end. My daughter, Miriah, and I, as well as Miriah's family and Amanda's family, have been holding on. With the love from family and friends...we are getting there.

April, 2017 is our 19th year anniversary! I cannot think of a better time to announce the end of my retirement!

As you know I had semi retired last year. Due to recent events, that has now changed. I am coming out of semi retirement and will be resuming my position as Founder and Main Lead of the MN RSD Coalition. It will be a gradual process as I am forced to sell my home and move due to the costs of the two funerals, medical expenses paid attempting to save our daughters life, and loss of my husbands income. I will be spending the next few months getting my house ready for sale and getting my things in order. 

I will make notice of when I am back full time, but until then please feel free to contact either Samantha Lademann at 952-220-4596 or Diane Keil at 651-459-5856 until then.

​During the past 19 years, we have accomplished so much. Just a few are...

  • Going before a House subcommittee and talking about this disease, requesting an RSD Awareness Day in Minnesota. This was attached to another non related issue and neither passed, but it is common to take more than one attempt. The fact we got there is wonderful! Thanks to Lori in Bemidji, we were able to make that attempt.

  • Numerous walks and other fundraising events with the Achilles’s Foundation and RSDSA or RSDSA alone. Our first walk was a 5K at a park in Bloomington. We’ve had awareness events at the Mall of America, Clearly Park in Prior Lake and more.

  • Aside from our original group, which began in Prior Lake and now Savage, we had numerous support groups throughout the years in Brooklyn Center, St Louis Park, St Paul, Eagan, Forest Lake, Crystal, Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Duluth, Rochester, and more. It is difficult for people to facilitate a support group as it often leads to “burn out”. There have been other reasons for the groups to close down from lack of attendance to the facilitators moving. Each and every one of them is remembered fondly and appreciated for the wonderful things they accomplished.

  • And so many more…too many to list.

Many members have come and gone. Many came and are still with us in the background. I remember the very first ones to walk through the door at the first meeting. One was from Chaska and had RSD for over 20 years at that time. He had never met another person with this disease. Another woman, also from Chaska, was also in awe of others who truly understand. I am still brought to tears at how powerful this can be for people and is the reason this organization began.

I’ve always maintained this organization is not “run” by any person, but by all of us together, as a family.

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizen can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Thanks to all of you, we have made a difference.

This organization belongs to you, the members and it is up to you to decide the direction it should go. Together, with Samantha, Diane, Monica, and Todd, we can continue to grow and help everyone in need.

It is all of you I am most proud of. Thank you all for giving us 19 years. I am anxious to see what the next 19 years holds!

Add to dictionary​I am hoping for a 20th Anniversary Party/Event in 2018! Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this, please let me know! I will be working on a list of venues we will need help with. Some can be done from your home and others will be more hands on. It will be your choice.

Thank you all for your incredible support, for your knowledge & lessons given to me throughout the years, and for the friendships. I’ve learned so much from all of you.

I am available at times so please feel free to keep my phone number 952-457-7586 should you want to talk.

Thank you all for you patience, understanding and letters of love and support these past few months.


Bonnie Scherer