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The MN RSD Coalition is an organization dedicated to providing support for those affected by Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD), more recently referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) since 2002.

We believe a positive outlook is a vital part of our care. Everyone has a right to be heard, believed, and treated with respect and dignity. 

By using a humanistic approach, we encourage each member to become more self-aware, find their inner strengths, learn positive ways of communication, and use various pain reduction techniques. 

Open, honest communication and full compliance with a pain program as prescribed by your physician, humor, and various relaxation techniques empowers a person with RSD/CRPS to better control many aspects of life with this disease.

Your pain care provider may prescribe physical therapy, talking with a pain therapist, and various treatment modalities they deem necessary in providing you with the best care possible. Even though it is difficult at times, staying physically and mentally active is vital to ensure a full, happy life with RSD/CRPS.

Certain environmental factors such as weather, state of mind, and stressors play a significant role in our pain levels. We have little to no control over many of those factors, but some we do. It is how we react to areas we have no control, coupled with our state of mind at the time, that can dictate the severity of our pain. Each person has the power, the ability to decide how he or she will react to the pain. Being cognizant of these issues gives us the opportunity to either simply exist or fully live our lives.

That choice is up to each person. We are here to help in any way we can.

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(Updated: 12/5/2106)

Group Meetings

  • There is NO group meeting for the month of December.  We wish you all a holly jolly holiday season and hope to see you on our first group meeting of the New Year!   Please note if you need to get a hold of us prior to our first meeting of the New Year you can email us by visiting our contact us page or by calling Diane at 651-459-5856.   [posted 12/5/2016]

Site News

  • New products are being uploaded to our Awareness Merchandise stores, Zazzle & Logo Sports Wear. [posted 12/5/2016
  • Bonnie's letter to the members is up on the site (her announcement about her semi-retirement). [posted 9/5/2016
  • A new app has been added to the resources page and an update to a treatment article has been made on the forum in the members area. [posted 8/11/2016
  • Minor updates have been made to the pot luck picnic postings. [posted 7/15/2016]
  • Minor changes have been made to several of the pages. [posted 6/25/2016]
  • Minor updates have been made to some of the resources on the resources page. [posted 5/2/2016]

Other News

  • Monica, one of our members, will be fundraising at the Hopkins Winter Market located at the Hopkins Activity Center (33 14th Ave. N.  Hopkins MN, 55343) between the hours of 10:0am to 1pm on  December 10th & 17th.   She will be selling handmade scarves (both traditional and infinity), baby hats and headbands, cards and potentially prayer/meditation beads all made by her. So stop by and say hi if you get a chance.  And thank you Monica for your hard work! The website for the Hopkins Winter Market is: [updated 12/5/2016]
  • Thank you Marina V for allowing us the use of one of your wonderful songs,  The Strength I Need, as our theme song.  Please support Marina V. by going to her web site and seeing more on this very beautiful and talented artist!